Community Vigils and Action

Our community has been shaken by a terrible act of violence. As we struggle to find a response that seems sufficient for the heavy weight of collective emotion, we can only offer our condolences and our commitment to guide our community towards transformative action through volunteerism.

To that end, we are working to gather and consolidate opportunities to honor the lives of our fallen officers, you can find the list of gatherings below.

As community members, we share ownership in creating  the community we want to live in. Many local organizations work tirelessly day after day to enhance community safety and promote a healthier place to live.  As you  look for pathways towards building a safer community, please consider volunteering your time.

View the list of community safety opportunities 


Community Safety and Compassion Forums:

• Drugs, Public Health and Needle Exchange April 10th @ 7PM - Join staff from Inner Light Ministries, UCSC, and County Health Services for an information discussion at the Santa Cruz High School Theater (415 Walnut Ave)

Homelessness and Our Home Town April 24th @ 7PM - Learn from community experts about the issue of homelessness in our community at the Santa Cruz High School Theater ( 415 Walnut Ave)

Funds/ Fundraisers:

• Scholarship Fund- The City of Santa Cruz has organized a scholarship fund for the children of Butch and Elizabeth. Donate Here.

• Memorial Fund- Central Coast News and the Santa Cruz Police Officer’s Association have partnered to set up a memorial fund at Bay Federal Credit Union to support the families of Elizabeth Butler and Loran “Butch” Baker. Donate

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  1. Therese Johannesson

    Thanks for this posting. I am a teacher at B40 Small schools, next door to the crime scene. I appreciate your provision for much community support and opportunities to express our grief and shock.

    As most of us know, prevention is the answer to public violence. Lets keep the monetary support in community and public organizations that can reach troubled and disenfranchised people. Let’s keep providing opportunities for more people to have meaningful work and to understand their value.

    Most of all thanks to our brave and generous public servants, especially Elizabeth Butler and Loran Baker.

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