Find Volunteers

 Hands ON Connect - Our searchable database Hands  our volunteer opportunities website allows you as an agency partner to post your opportunities on our database viewed by hundreds of volunteers each week.

Additionally, our database gives you the capability of managing volunteer hours and running reports on past projects.

We also provide agencies with more in-depth volunteer recruitment through the following programs:

  • Flexible Volunteer Program
  • Project Lead
  • One-on-One Volunteer Matching
  • Emergency Volunteer Response
  • National and Local Days of Service
  • Americorps Community Partnership

How to Register on our Website

  1. Make sure you’re eligible! We work with 501(c)(3) community-based agencies, schools, and government organizations.
  2. Confirm that your organization isn’t already a partner. It’s possible that someone else from your organization has already created a profile for you. Check our Nonprofit Partner Directory to make sure your organization is not already listed as an Active partner. If you find your organization on the list and don’t know your login information  contact us so that we can reactivate your account and/or add you as a contact for your organization.

Sign up and start posting your opportunities now

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