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Patrico Guevara and family at the Human RaceMeet Patricio Guevara. Several years ago, Patricio suffered a major stroke that left he and his family devastated. Through the rehabilitative services offered by the Stroke Center he was able to learn to maneuver in a wheel chair and eventually get back on his feet again. Prior to his stroke Patricio was an avid runner putting in 12-15 miles per week. When he saw the flyer for the Human Race he knew this was his opportunity to challenge himself and give back to an important cause in his life. Watch his Video

Barbara has developed six amazing videos for our storyboard, but as much as she enjoys being a videographer, Barbara has another great love in her life: volunteering. Barbara has lent a helping hand at numerous events, including the Human Race and the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and has received several awards in the past few years. She received the Be the Difference Award in 2011 and was named the 2011-2012 Volunteer of the Year by the United Way of Santa Cruz County. Every day, Barbara strives to improve her community and to make a difference in someone’s life.  Watch Barbara’s Story

Andre at the young age of 7,  has already caught onto the holiday spirit. For the past several years Andre, along with his family has adopted a family in need through the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County Adopt a Family Project. This year Andre told his mom he wants to adopt 10 children. To meet his goal he set to work raising money by collecting recycling cans and putting his change aside in his piggy bank. Meet Andre

video created by Volunteer Barbara Gerry

Jana Meares is an experienced landscape designer and educator who is passionate about building community gardens with children big and small.  As an intrepid advocate for youth green thumbs, Jana goes out of her way to secure donations and deliver  projects with a focus on sustainability and growing organic. Her projects have included building worm bins and compost piles, starting organic vegetable gardens in Beach Flats & Watsonville, and installing green-friendly drip irrigation. Jana’s humor, warmth, and breadth of knowledge enable her to deliver a meaningful volunteer experience for all youth who cross her garden paths.  Meet Jana

***Video created by community volunteer Barb Gerry***

Karen Watkins regularly mobilizes fellow volunteers through her work at Twin Lakes Church. In March along with over 300 hundred other volunteers  she took part in the 2nd Annual Homeless Connect Project providing a one stop shop of critical services for the homeless.   Meet Karen

***Video created by community volunteer Barb Gerry***

Emma is a teen  volunteer who has been giving her heart and soul to Monterey Bay Horsemanship and Therapuetic Center for over 7 years. She helps to care for horses and devotes her time to riding lesson support for disabled children. She is known for her calming demeanor with the youth and ability to instill confidence in others. Meet Emma


Chantal Rose has volunteered for 14 years with the Monterey Bay Search Dogs. She trains dogs,  goes out on searches for missing people, has acted in incident command positions, and teaches safety to children.  She is awe-inspiring! Meet Chantal Rose

Chris Smith-SC County Coroner’s Office Volunteer- In May 2009, retired defense attorney Christopher Smith became the first and only volunteer  to serve in the Santa Cruz County Coroner’s Unit. He was asked to organize those old Jane and John Doe files and make lists of the information detectives had and what they were lacking. In the last two years, Chris has played a crucial role in solving numerous missing person cases that had gone unresolved for years.  Meet Chris

***Video created by community volunteer Barb Gerry***

Kas- a dedicated volunteer with KUSP radio. Ever wonder who is on the other end of your favorite radio program? Kas is there making it all happen. She shows up each week in the shadows of public radio to bring you the latest important news and information. Meet Kas


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