Strengthening Families

We strengthen local families by giving parents the resources they need to succeed.

The Literacy Program | Friends Outside | Adopt a Family

Making an Impact: Volunteer Tutors provided over 10,000 hours of Literacy Instruction in the last year.

Engaging Youth

We engage youth in positive activities that promote skill development and community involvement outside of school hours.

YouthServe | Junior Volunteers

Making an Impact: Local teens provided 4,500 hours of service through Youthserve and Junior Volunteers.

Increasing Independence for the Elderly and Disabled

We enable elders and people with disabilities to sustain or increase their independence and engage in activities to enrich their quality of life

Community Connection | Helping Hands | Volunteer Transportation | File of Life | Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Making an Impact: In the last year, Transportation volunteers provided 4,500 essential rides to home-bound seniors and people with disabilities.

Building Community

We promote the effective engagement of volunteers so that local schools, non-profits, and government are able to meet the needs of our community.

  Cityserve | Work For Good |   The Graffiti Removal Project | The Human Race | The Volunteer Initiative Program | Volunteer Referral | Be the Difference Awards | AmeriCorps Community Partnership  | Non-Profit Service Enterprise Training

Making an Impact: In the last year, Volunteers and Neighborhood Pride Teams made our community safer by removing 41 miles worth of graffiti.