The Graffiti Removal Project

A joint project of the Volunteer Center and Santa Cruz County, The Graffiti Removal Project offers a variety of graffiti free services to community members in the unincorporated area of our county.

Our mission is to mobilize volunteers to eliminate graffiti from our neighborhoods through sustained education and removal efforts.

Donate to our latest mural effort!


Volunteer Guidelines |  Online Application  | Download Brochure & Application  

Community Paint-Outs
We regularly sponsor community paint-outs, bringing together groups, families, and community members to take action within neighborhoods. We organize the event, provide the paint and equipment, negotiate with property owners, and provide insurance for the volunteers.

Upcoming Paint-Out- July 25 from 10AM-12PM in AptosLearn More


Project Neighborhood Pride- Adopt a Block
Adopt a neighborhood and pledge to keep it clean and graffiti free. We will provide the material and training to support pride teams. This only requires one to three hours a week as needed. Express Interest


Graffiti Spotters- Drive around your area and identify graffiti, then just report it to our hotline number 831-427-0462. Express Interest



graffiti-ladderMural Collaborations- Throughout the year we collaborate with artists and community groups to revitalize community spaces. Are you interested in starting a project or volunteering your time and talent?   Contact us to Express Interest  or Donate to Support our Latest Project



Request a Prevention Packet- Property owners and businesses can request a packet of information on strategies to reduce the incidence of graffiti through the use of of lighting, special paints, murals, and paintings.  Request a Packet

Call the Graffiti Hotline- Concerned citizens are welcome to call the graffiti hotline 24 hours a day or report online below to report graffiti in the community. It’s quick, easy, and confidential.

The hotline number is 427-0462 or 722-7771.



For More Information Contact: 

Larah Connell- Program Coordinator  | (831) 427-0462  |

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